Premieres Concert Fall Season


For those of you who are not music majors at Michigan State and/or those who aren’t familiar with me or the area, the composition students at MSU participate in a series of concerts called the Premieres Concerts.

These concerts give student composers an opportunity to present their works to the College of Music, as well as the university and community at large. Each performance includes a wide variety of compositional styles and artistic media — ranging from soloists to ensembles of over 20 players to electronic works! This year, we have 6 premieres concerts; 2 undergrad, 2 graduate, and 2 thematic concerts. The thematic concerts are somewhat new this year and involve both undergraduate students and graduate students. Word has it that this semester’s thematic concert will feature a collaboration between the MSU composers and the MSU poets.

The first premieres concert is on October 19th at the MSU music building auditorium at 7:30. I don’t know what everyone else is premiering but I’ll be premiering a piece written and completed in 2009 called Four Days (program notes are located in the compositions tab).


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