Spring Semester Update

Of all the semesters of MSU I’ve had, I would say by far this semester is the most adjustable (credit wise). But to be honest, this semester will easily be the most busiest one of them all.

This semester, I have a capstone experience recital on April 15th at Michigan State University. For those of you who are not aware of capstone experiences, it’s a fancy title for a senior composition recital. Currently, I have enough musicians to perform five of my compositions. I’m still looking for one oboe and two violins. What is very special about this recital, besides the fact that the music is exclusively by yours truly, is the premiere of my Concerto for Saxophone. I find this Concerto to be one of my favorite concertos, since it’s focus does not apply to pushing the performer’s abilities as a soloist, but rather, tells a “musical” story behind it. In addition, my brother Eddie, is the soloist, and from past experience with trios, duets, and rehearsals at Wind Symphony, he is the definition of determination. He’s always more than willing to experiment with new ideas, and new music; he never hesitates a challenge.

As far as euphonium, I advanced to the MSU Honors Concerto Finals. Unfortunately, I did not win as the performing soloist, however, I was very content with my performance. In addition, I am planning to have euphonium recital sometime in late March/early April. Further info soon.

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