The purpose of this poll (Please Read This!)

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not giving you an update on the poll. On Sunday, we had severe thunderstorms that were capable of creating tornadoes. During that time, we lost our power. *As of 2:05pm today, we have power again.

As far as the poll, 5 people have voted and the sax/euph duet is in the lead. Since we are still in a power outage, I will extend the deadline to Monday, June 6th. Regardless of which piece becomes the winner of this poll, I will eventually write pieces for the majority of the ideas.

The purpose of this poll is not about you choosing a project for me, but rather choosing an idea that sounds the most appealing to you. Recently, I have been quite curious as to what audiences in the contemporary music world want to hear. Many listeners these days have many different expectations when it comes to considering something great work of art, or cool music. For some reason, we, the composers who write this music, are having a hard time maintaining audiences for our Premiere Concerts. Usually what happens is that the composer/s will invite many of their friends that usually could care less about everyone else, but their friend. So they watch the concert and do whatever everyone does at the concert: LISTEN. Then once that particular composer is done, all of his/her friends will leave in waves. This has been a substantial problem at Michigan State University.

What I am proposing is that by establishing this poll (along with another poll that involves style), I am making a survey of what listeners want, what listeners look forward to in a concert, and most importantly, what makes the listener come back for more. I hope you take these polls seriously as this could help contribute to the success of many concerts alike.


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