Poll results/The future of the Capital City Brass Band

After a week and 3 days, based on 6 votes, the sax/euph duet seems to be the most interesting of the many options that were available. If this piece was not interesting to you in any way, please do not complain, because even though this idea had the highest votes, I will write pieces for the other forms of media. Promise!

After having a successful 2010-2011 season under Dr. Ken Kroesche, Associate Professor of Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba at Oakland University in Rochester, the Capital City Brass Band will be performing a number of concerts during the summer part of the season. This season was very special for all the members of the CCBB for many reasons. Many of the concerts that were performed were shared with other local ensembles such as the Mid-Michigan Youth Orchestra. In addition, the CCBB made a few milestones during the season, for instance, the CCBB was one of the few bands to be selected to perform in the ACB Convention at Muskegon, as well as competiting for the first time in NABBA (North American Brass Band Association) and winning the 3rd section and celebrating the CCBB’s 10th year anniversary concert at East Lansing High School.

Recently, Dr. Kroesche has officially announced to the members of the CCBB as of Sunday June 5th, that after 4 seasons with the brass band, he will step down from the position of director of the CCBB. This decision was made due to three key reasons: 1. Considering that Dr. Kroesche lives within the Rochester area, it takes about 7-8 hours of his Sunday to drive back and forth for CCBB rehearsals. 2. He is worried about his oldest daughter. At the age of 13, his daughter is at the age where family bonding is quite essential and if he continued to be very busy with TWO OTHER brass bands (Oakland University BB, and Oakland Brass Band) there would be a sense of separation between him and his kids. 3. For some reason I was not able to understand the third, but it had something to do with problems about his religion.

What does the future hold for the 2011 NABBA Champs of Section 3?

Well, at the moment, Dr. Kroesche will be conducting the rest of the summer. After the season’s over, there will be immediate action for forming a committee that will decide the CCBB’s new director.

If I can make a few requests for the committee/board/group that is looking for this person (you don’t HAVE to take these for consideration but it’s a thought): I would like to find someone who has the same motivation, determination, and confidence that Dr. Kroesche had if not similar. I would also like this person to be more open to pushing ensembles potential to become a brass band that is capable of being MUCH MORE than just a local group. Lastly, I would like this person to be open with performing and collaborating with newer music; music by young composers. I can go on and on about the performance of new compositions in any ensemble, but I will save that for another time.

I may have been a part of the band for 4 seasons as a euphonium/baritone sub, but during those 4 years, I have had an amazing experience performing with a group that is not like any other and I would like to see what the future holds for this group as everyone in the band does as well.

Thank you, Dr. Kroesche for all of your long dedicated time for making the CCBB the way it is now.

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