Unanimous, new music ensemble!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great summer break.

I will say very quickly that my trip in Milna, Croatia was an amazing experience! From meeting composers with the same interest as me who are also quite talented, to exploring many parts of Brac was truly something that motivated me for the first time since last year. I would love to fly back there, but for now, we need to move on. I will talk more about Croatia later… but first check this out!

Recently, I formed a new music ensemble called Unanimous. Unanimous is a student/alumnus run organization that will spread the awareness of new music by known and emerging composers to the Lansing area and beyond. Although the group originated from four musicians, the committee, we have 12 musicians in the roster and growing. Like Michigan State University’s Musique 21, we work on a rotation cycle, so not everyone will be here.

Our schedule features many great opportunities that you won’t want to miss! Starting on October 17th, we début out first concert in Cook Hall at MSU which will feature pop-minimalist music from composers David Lang, Bill Ryan, Marc Mellits, Dan Becker and Louis Andriessen. Then between December 1st and December 3rd (still figuring out which date), we will feature a theatrical concert at the RCAH Theater on MSU’s campus. This particular concert will feature three compositions by myself, which relate thematically, and Natalie Moller’s Lepidoptera, which I highly recommend watching!

The second semester concert dates are unofficial, but one concert will feature a shared concert with Ann Arbor’s Willo-Collective, and another is a call-for-scores concert, which I will post the details later today.

My intentions for this ensemble is to make Unanimous a professional ensemble and not a one year deal like many ensembles before. Assuming that this season goes well, we will look into performing in festivals, and other parts of the U.S. to spread the word about Unanimous.

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