Call for Scores!

Unanimous is pleased to announce a call for scores for one of their upcoming concerts in their debut season.

Unanimous is a student/alumnus run new music ensemble from Michigan State University that focuses exclusively on works by emerging composers. Works that are submitted to Unanimous must meet the following requirements:

  1. Compositions must be between 5 – 15 minutes in length.
  2. Compositions must be written for instrumental/vocal solo or instrumental/mixed chamber works only.
    1. The following instrumentation will be available by Unanimous: fl, ob, cl, sax, tpt, tbn, euph, 2 perc., pf, gtr, SATB voices, 1 (maybe 2) vn, va, vc, db.
    2. While you are allowed to submit pieces that involve instruments not listed above, the chances of being selected are low due to the difficulty of finding additional musicians.
  3. Compositions with electro-acoustic music elements will not be accepted at this time.
  4. The composer’s name must not appear on any of the materials. Instead, submit the materials with a pseudonym. If selected, we will ask you to submit the materials with your name on them.

Submit the following materials to

  1. Score in PDF format
  2. Live/studio recording in mp3. (MIDI is acceptable)
  3. Short bio less than 150 words.
  4. A contact info document with the composer’s real name.

The deadline is Dec 1st, 2014. Selected works will be notified two weeks after the deadline by email. The concert date is currently TBA sometime in late March/early April.

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