Call for Scores by the Tallahassee Chapter of Classical Revolution

The Tallahassee Chapter of Classical Revolution is having a call-for-scores for the spring semester.

Interested composers must submit one composition that fits the following requirements:
1. Compositions must be between 3 – 8 minutes in length.

2. Compositions must be written for instrumental solo or mixed chamber works.
• Instrumentation of all kinds, except percussion and voice, are acceptable.
• Space is relatively limited. Therefore, submit pieces that involve no more than 6 instruments.

3. Compositions with electro-acoustic music elements will be accepted at this time.
• Keep in mind that this will be performed at a bar. Therefore, pieces involving a large, complicated set up will not be accepted.

4. Being present at the event is not required but encouraged.
• While transportation will not be accounted for, home stay can be accommodated if requested.

5. Works by “emerging” composers are accepted at this time.
• Emerging in this context is not referring to age.

6. Resume incentives will be given if selected.

Submit the following materials to email –
1. Score in PDF format
2. Live/studio recording in mp3. (MIDI is acceptable but not encouraged)
3. A contact info document with brief education background.
The deadline is Jan 1st, 2016. Selected works will be notified at least four weeks after the deadline by email. The concert date is on April 28th.
For any questions or concerns, contact Michael Goodman.

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