In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I will explain about one of my projects: (un)balance. When I moved to Modesto, CA, I was at a local coffee shop figuring out what else needed to be taken care of before I started my new job. While I was there, I kept receiving breaking news messages on my phone. The news was on the protest in Charlottesville, VA. When learning about this, I was furious because even though I was aware some people felt this way (white supremacists), I was not expecting the riot to be horrendous. This hurt me personally in many ways: my involvement in an interracial relationship, my personal connections with those of minority, and our sanity as a country.

(un)balance is for saxophone quartet, string quartet, and dancers. The idea is to have the two quartets collide against each other. For instance, the string quartet uses pure, bold pitches while the saxophone quartet uses raw, quick smears, slap tongue, stomps, and multiphonics. The collisions progress through the work. At some point, silence breaks through and a sense of unity is made by the two quartets and dancers.

This project is currently on a deadline for September 2018 in collaboration with choreographer Breanne Horne. Saxophone and string quartets TBA.

Keep the good fight going and take action on this day. #mlkday

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