Q: Are you a fan of (new contemporary classical) music?
A: I am!
Q: Well what about having a brand-new piece created by your ideas?
A: That would be amazing! … Where do I begin?

To make a commission is a huge step forward to featuring music of our time. Of all the musical activities, there is nothing more satisfying than being a part of the creative process that gives participants the opportunity to work alongside with living composers.

Why Commission a Composer?

Commissioning music requires a composer (me) to write a piece specifically for you. There are many reasons to commission music. It is an opportunity to expand the repertoire of one’s instrument/ensemble. The music can commemorate just about anything: a personal milestone, a professional achievement, a joyous occasion, or a tragic event. It can be exciting, solemn, a multi-movement piece, humorous, serious, sacred, secular – the choice is yours. If you are not sure of an idea, I am more than happy to help you with a few suggestions that may or may not influence you.

You become a collaborator by working with the composer in the shaping of your musical vision. It’s all about communication, beginning with words and ending with a composition just for you.

The Process

The commission begins with a call, email or filling out the form below. We will discuss and agree on many factors such as the instrumentation, duration, level of difficulty, the style, anything you request.

If you need the music by a certain date, we will set a deadline. We will also discuss and negotiate price as it is flexible based on the factors mentioned earlier. We will work together to find the solutions that work best for the both of us.

You will receive the score and parts in a timely manner. Your name will appear on the score above the title along with any description you may want such as the occasion and date. You have the right to the premiere performance which will generate publicity for you or your ensemble. The music will be published through Unanimous Productions and will never go out of print.

What if I can’t afford the Commission?

Many commissioners don’t have the necessary funds to cover the commission, however, by creating a consortium, you will be able to pay for the commission at a reduced price.

For a consortium to work:

  • There should be at least two or more parties involved in the project.
    • The more parties involved, the lower the commissioning cost.
    • The lead commissioner will be required to pay slightly more than the rest of the parties since he/she is collaborating with the composer in the creative process. Price is determined by the factors mentioned earlier.
  • The lead commissioner collaborates with the composer, earns the performance rights of the piece first, and earns their name on the list of the commissioners as well as the first page of the score.
    • The remaining commissioners will earn performance rights once the piece has received its first performance. They will also have their names listed in the commissioners list, but will not have their names listed on the first page of the score.

How do I pay for a commission?

  • I recommend commissioners to divide the commission cost into two payments. The first payment is due upon signing the agreement and the second payment is due once the piece is delivered.
  • For a consortium, the first payment is due when a new member joins the consortium. The second payment is due once the piece is delivered.


Please fill out the form below and we can begin this process shortly!

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