Fantonium (2009) – Euph., Pno,

Fantonium, for euphonium and piano, is one of the first atonal works I’ve written. The atonality of this composition, with its emphasis on the tritone, both in chords and in melodic material, contributes much to the mysterious yet energetic mood of the work. Fantonium features many extended techniques including multiphonics, smears, an extremely wide range, and unusual euphonium timbres. Fantonium contains two cadenzas that make extensive use of these extended techniques for the euphonium. The piano part also is critical in Fantonium, especially in several important transitional passages where it is used to help create very dense textures that contribute much to the mood of the composition.

Premiered by: Michael Goodman, euphonium; Sangmi Lim, piano. Premiered at Michigan State University Music Aud on October 20, 2009.

Duration: 12:00 minutes