Four Days

Four Days (2009/2010) – String Quartet

Duration: 11:30 minutes

Four Days is a piece in four movements that contains elements that each movement has in common.The first movement, Andante, represents the beginning of a beautiful day. The piece begins with a soft, diatonic melody; as the movement goes on, starts to build louder, dense, and adding more instruments. When the string quartet appears at noon (the brightest part of the day), the quartet is at its loudest point of the day. Shortly after noon, the quartet becomes softer as they depart from the noon hour and enter into evening; similar to the beginning of the day. The second movement, Ballad, represents a day when you want to dance. Later in the movement, the dance becomes much lighter which gives the 1st violin the stage to show off. The third movement, Melancholy, represents a very emotional day, a day that no one would like to have. The depressing emotion is represented by slow, lyrical motives in all four voices. The last movement, Finale, represents an exciting day, which involves some of the most exciting events (note by the light accompaniment in the beginning) and some ugly moments which are represented by dissonance. Later in the movement, the fun thrilling day turns into an unexpected dilemma which is shown by the slow, dramatic dissonance. The two sections come back and through the movement, making this day the most exciting day of your

Premiered by: Camilo da Rosa Simões and Brigitta Calloni, violins; Nate Bliton, viola and Roxanne Kieme, cello. Premiered at: Michigan State University Music Auditorium on October 19th, 2010

I. Andante

II. Ballad

III. Melancholy

IV. Finale