Habitual Metamorphosis

Habitual Metamorphosis (2015) – fl/picc., bs cl, vc, 1 perc, and dance (opt.)

Duration ca. 5:30 minutes

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Perusal Score

Composed for the 2015 Charlotte New Music Festival. Premiered by the Great Noise Ensemble. Choreography by Breanne Horne.

Habitual Metamorphosis focuses on the concept of transition. The transition itself could be on many things such as moving to a different town/state, going to graduate school, starting a new job, etc. Regardless of where the transition originated from, many if not all transitions go through a similar process. It starts with a variety of emotions; excitement, sadness, confusion, energetic, and ultimately nervousness. Eventually, as the moment of that new event gets closer, you start to feel confident, but hesitant. Then when that moment comes up, you go for the opportunity and move forward.

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