Patience (2014) – Saxophone Quartet (also available for string quartet)

Duration ca. 6:00 minutes


Patience can be defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Based on the definition given, this piece is interpreted in two perspectives: the saxophone quartet and the audience.

From the quartet’s perspective, their goal is to perform this piece with a patient mindset. If at least one saxophonist loses his/her patience, then the performance is flawed. To make this goal realistic, there are certain sections in the piece where the members of
the quartet is allowed to liberate themselves from the quartet and feel free to do whatever they please.

From the audience’s perspective, they might relate to this piece based on an experience where at one point they were in a hurry to catch an important event. This experience may involve the following emotions/actions: road rage, aggressive behavior, panic, fear, violent, a sense of hope, and a lack of common sense.