Tuba Personalities

Tuba Personalities (2008) – Tba., Pno.

Duration: 5:00 minutes

Tuba Personalities is a three-movement piece that I composed and is based largely on some of the tuba repertoire to which I’ve been exposed. In this piece I try to capture three of the personalities as movements; Curious, Playful and Determination.  “Curious” is an introduction comprised of a melody that is best described as mischievous.  “Playful” features an active melody which is also lyrical while the pianist can relax and enjoy the ride. “Determination” is a more serious and technical movement. Similar to “Curious”, but challenges the tubist with more of a workout.

Premiered by: Kevin LaRose, tuba; Jeffery Anderson, piano. Premiered at Michigan State University Music Aud. on February 17, 2009.