Duration: 9:00 minutes

Ewe is the Hebrew name for “one with purity.” The concept of Ewe is the forces of good and evil. Ewe is represented by the tertian sounds, while Evil is represented by the aggressive, dissonant sounds and active percussion. Throughout the piece Ewe is alone, walking to find a purpose. As she continues walking, an unknown presence appears and tries to convince her to abandon her ways and to join those that are evil.She declines several times. Then Evil chases Ewe while the orchestra is displaying a fast, and powerful moment. After the explosive piano, and percussion, Ewe is hiding from the darkness, hoping that he gave up finding her, but just when she is about to leave, the evil finds her and chases her again.The piece ends with a powerful statement that leaves the listener asking themselves did Ewe survived, and if so is she pure, or has she been engulfed into the evil?

Read: by the Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra at the MSU Music Building November 29th, 2010. Has not been premiered.