I hope you have enjoyed the 2nd half of the recital!

I have the recital CD and I must say that the sound quality of the recording is the best quality I have ever had in a recital at MSU! So what I have done is that I have uploaded the entire first half on youtube. I could upload the 2nd half in wav format, however, I have already uploaded the 2nd half via video.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as well as the 2nd half pieces!


In the Forest

The Sacred Way (all three movements)

Four Days (all four movements)

As some of you may have known, I had a recital on Friday night and I must say, I was very satisfied with the performances that were presented; especially the Concerto for Saxophone!

Unfortunately, I was not able to setup the webcam properly, because the laptop I used was not properly registered to MSU’s network. So what I was able to do was to have the second half of my recital video recorded. Don’t worry. I have the whole recital recorded, but I don’t have the CD with me at the moment.

So for now, check out the Concerto for Saxophone (all three movements), and Fantonium on youtube


Concerto for Saxophone: Trial and Error

Concerto for Saxophone: Research; Realization


Hello everyone.

In four days, (haha, the title of my composition for string quartet) I will have my senior capstone composition recital on April 15th, 8:00pm at the MSU Hart Recital Hall in the Music Building. This recital will feature a world premiere of the Concerto for Saxophone performed by my older brother Eddie Goodman and by pianist Sangmi Lim. The recital will also feature In the Forest (for woodwind quintet), The Sacred Way (for brass quintet), Four Days (for string quartet), and Fantonium (for euphonium and piano).

The title of this post is not a joke! I have decided to make a live webcast of the recital! This is great for those who will not be able to attend the recital but would love to check it out. The webcast will be on this link:


Please go to this link on Friday, April 15th at 8:00pm.

I will remind you again sometime soon. With that, have a great day!

Well, it has been over 1.5 months since my last post and I must say a lot has happened since.

Where to start? Oh yeah!

Well, I have managed to find 17 musicians, including myself, who will be performing in my capstone recital on April 15th at 8pm. The only problem is that I am having a difficult time finding a violinist. I had two violins, then both of them could not perform, found one, but no luck on the second violin. It will work out eventually. Meanwhile, I have been finalizing my rehearsal plans for the recital, and so far it is looking great.

A couple weeks ago, I found out that I have been accepted to Michigan State University for my Masters in Music Composition! Now I know that I will be going to graduate school. As for The Ohio State University, I STILL have not heard from them which concerns me, but I’m not worried.

Now for the composition part of this blog, what am I doing?

Well, I have been working on a set of Concert Etudes for piano: six etudes. I am currently working on the fourth movement of six, as well as editing the first three movements. In addition, I started working on an unaccompanied solo for euphonium. The idea of writing a piece such as this for euphonium came from the influence I took from John Stevens, Soliloquies.


Two days ago, I received an email from Dr. Hutcheson regarding the results for the Honors Competition for Composers at MSU. I am happy to say that I was the runner-up in the orchestra portion of the competition! The best part of the competition was the judge. The judge was none other than the amazing David Maslanka! The email contained many comments from Maslanka. Even though my piece was not the most dominate piece in the competition, the fact that David Maslanka was the judge of this competition was a win for me and everyone else who competed in the competition.

Of all the semesters of MSU I’ve had, I would say by far this semester is the most adjustable (credit wise). But to be honest, this semester will easily be the most busiest one of them all.

This semester, I have a capstone experience recital on April 15th at Michigan State University. For those of you who are not aware of capstone experiences, it’s a fancy title for a senior composition recital. Currently, I have enough musicians to perform five of my compositions. I’m still looking for one oboe and two violins. What is very special about this recital, besides the fact that the music is exclusively by yours truly, is the premiere of my Concerto for Saxophone. I find this Concerto to be one of my favorite concertos, since it’s focus does not apply to pushing the performer’s abilities as a soloist, but rather, tells a “musical” story behind it. In addition, my brother Eddie, is the soloist, and from past experience with trios, duets, and rehearsals at Wind Symphony, he is the definition of determination. He’s always more than willing to experiment with new ideas, and new music; he never hesitates a challenge.

As far as euphonium, I advanced to the MSU Honors Concerto Finals. Unfortunately, I did not win as the performing soloist, however, I was very content with my performance. In addition, I am planning to have euphonium recital sometime in late March/early April. Further info soon.