I hope you have enjoyed the 2nd half of the recital!

I have the recital CD and I must say that the sound quality of the recording is the best quality I have ever had in a recital at MSU! So what I have done is that I have uploaded the entire first half on youtube. I could upload the 2nd half in wav format, however, I have already uploaded the 2nd half via video.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as well as the 2nd half pieces!


In the Forest

The Sacred Way (all three movements)

Four Days (all four movements)

Hello everyone.

In four days, (haha, the title of my composition for string quartet) I will have my senior capstone composition recital on April 15th, 8:00pm at the MSU Hart Recital Hall in the Music Building. This recital will feature a world premiere of the Concerto for Saxophone performed by my older brother Eddie Goodman and by pianist Sangmi Lim. The recital will also feature In the Forest (for woodwind quintet), The Sacred Way (for brass quintet), Four Days (for string quartet), and Fantonium (for euphonium and piano).

The title of this post is not a joke! I have decided to make a live webcast of the recital! This is great for those who will not be able to attend the recital but would love to check it out. The webcast will be on this link:


Please go to this link on Friday, April 15th at 8:00pm.

I will remind you again sometime soon. With that, have a great day!