Dialectics (2013) – Bassoon

Duration ca. 8:00 minutes

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Dialectic: the art of logical argumentation. It is concerned with persuasion and logical proof and takes into account opposing viewpoints on a given issue. This process involves a thesis and an antithesis that opposes or contradicts the thesis.

Examples of dialectics in music: narrow vs. wide: range of pitches, soft vs. loud: dynamics, sparse vs. rich: few or many spectral elements within a sonic context.

In Dialectics, the thesis is the calm bassoon that features its smooth, yet lyrical voice that is recognizable through bands and orchestras alike. The antithesis is the swung-driven bassoon that is daring with style and enjoys a lot of jazz and popular music. These two descriptions are identified throughout the piece by the specific style as well as tempo. All of the styles in the piece need to be accurate and clear in order for the concept of dialectics to work.