The Two Siblings

The Two Siblings (2012) – Alto Sax., Euph.

The Two Siblings was written specifically for my brother, Eddie Goodman and I. This composition is made of three movements that represent a typical relationship between two siblings. The first movement, Excitement, displays joy and excitement between the two siblings as they play games, chat together, laugh, and have a great time. The second movement, Rivalry, describes how while having fun with your siblings, sometimes one of the siblings will argue with you. As the movement progresses, the alto saxophone and euphonium engage in using unusual sounds that can provoke an argument; squeaks, multiphonics, smears, and foot stomps. The argument builds into a frantic frenzy during the third movement, War and Peace. While this argument began in Rivalry, War and Peace changes the argument into a disjunctive groove that clashes between the two siblings. The argument ends in a high, energetic bang that sends both siblings flying. After a brief moment, silent motives return as the two siblings try to find each other in order to reunite as a family. The movement ends in unifying harmony.

Premiered by: Eddie Goodman, alto saxophone; Michael Goodman, euphonium. Premiered at the Michigan State University Hart Recital Hall on April 17th, 2012.

Duration: 12 minutes

The Two Siblings I. Excitement

The Two Siblings II. Rivalry

The Two Siblings III. War and Peace


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  1. Dan Berndes said:

    Hi is there anywhere I can get the sheet music for this for my GCSE preformance. As I’d very muchlike to play it. If you can email me a reply it would be much appriciated. Thanks